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Quit Smoking Now

In Moscow, there are a few public places where people are protected from passive smoking. But in streets, workplaces, subways, apartment buildings, airports, bars and restaurants, people suffer from exposure to secondhand smoke.

The “Quit Smoking Now” campaign sought to dovetail with Russia’s new National Tobacco Control Strategy and a smoke-free project initiated by the City Duma. The first part of the campaign aired in 2009 and utilized the iconic Australian “Sponge” ad to educate Muscovites on the personal health consequences of smoking. In 2010, the campaign used the ad “Cigarettes Are Eating Your Baby Alive” to increase public awareness about the harms of secondhand smoke and to build support for government smoke-free initiatives.

The campaign was planned and implemented in cooperation with the Moscow City Duma Committee on Health Care and Public Health, World Health Organization, and the Ministry of Health and Social Development, with technical assistance from World Lung Foundation. It coincided with the November 2010 Smoke-Out Day and aired throughout Moscow from November 2010 to January 2011. The ad referred smokers to a federal quit line number and to a MoH website,, which offered cessation tips. During the first weeks of the campaign, the number of daily calls doubled from 300 to 600.

The “Cigarettes Are Eating Your Baby Alive” ad is based on a concept that was originally developed by the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, and it depicts how tobacco smoke affects the health of vulnerable children. International experience shows that the most effective tobacco control campaigns elicit strong emotions and use negative imagery that clearly demonstrate the damage caused by smoking. The ad tested favorably among Muscovites in a pretest study in May 2010.

“Quit Smoking Now” used 30- and 15-second TV and radio spots, PSAs in cinemas, posters in the metro, billboards on the streets, and plasma screens in public transportation. Posters were also placed in health facilities throughout Moscow. Many media channels supported the campaign on a pro bono basis.

A press launch was held at the Moscow Duma and generated over 52 press publications during the first two weeks of the campaign.

The “Baby Alive" ad was also adapted and used in several Russian regions in 2010, including Samara, Chuvashia, and Tver. These campaigns were launched as part of World No Tobacco Day and to complement smoke-free activities.


"Cigarettes are Eating Your Baby Alive - English"
"Cigarettes are Eating Your Baby Alive - Russian"

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