World Lung Foundation in Switzerland

World Lung Foundation of Switzerland was formed as a response to the global epidemic of lung disease, which kills thousands of people each year in our great country. Our areas of emphasis include tobacco control, indoor air pollution, tuberculosis, and acute respiratory infections.

28% of the Swiss population smokes, according to government data. This compares to 19% of British citizens and 17% of American citizens. Swiss residents are slowing giving up smoking however it has been a struggle. The Swiss Public Health Office estimates the health and societal cost of tobacco over CHF 5 billion annually.

Our website is under construction. We plan to provide a directory of our services and information about getting involved in our organization by Q3 2017.

Thanks for your interest!

Swiss Government "SmokeFree" Campaign Videos




Temporary Notice:

This is not the site of the World Lung Foundation of the USA. They recently moved and are now located at more information:

The World Lung Foundation USA has merged with the North American branch of The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease - the Union North America. Together the Union North America and WLF have formed a new entity: Vital Strategies.