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This Week in Global Health

Friday, July 27, 2012

A weekly round- up of selected health news from around the world. Posted each Friday.

Revenue from Asia is expected to nearly double as more smokers are choosing Philip Morris's premium brands.
WHO urges the Philippine Senate to ‘defy’ the powerful tobacco lobby in that country. (WNCT)

A new study finds that office workers typically burn as many calories as hunter-gatherers—suggesting that diet, not exercise, may hold the key to the obesity epidemic. (The Atlantic)

The United States is one of 23 countries wherein maternal mortality is on the rise, reports Women’s ENews.

The tobacco industry in Uganda is deferring their ‘contribution’ to proposed tobacco control legislation, claiming they need more time to study the proposed law.

BrandChannel reports on New Zealand’s strong push against Big Tobacco.

An upcoming Bollywood feature is being blasted for its ‘blatant’ violations of anti-tobacco laws. (Daily News)

Forbes reports on the manifold ways in which Moroccan mothers are benefiting from a maternal health ‘revolution’.

A new tuberculosis treatment is being touted as both faster and more effective than previous iterations. (RTT News)

The San Francisco Chronicle profiles a smoking-cessation program which offers nicotine patches as part of the curriculum.

Philip Morris International continues to reap huge profits from selling its deadly products in China. (CNN Money)

So-called ‘lung spots’ may be less dangerous than previously believed. (The Chicago Tribune)

A public hearing on the controversial NYC oversized soda ban attracts an unusual number of participants. (Huffington Post)

Voice of Russia reports on the so-called Obesity Games—the effort to ban junk food sponsorship in the Olympics.

Summer’s trifecta of heat, pollen, and pollution may trigger asthma attacks in children, reports ABC.

A world-famous cigarette-smoking orangutan in Indonesia’s Taru Jurug Zoo has been sent to an isolated island to kick the habit. (ABC)

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