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Campaign Resources

Mass Media Resource

Effective and sustainable mass media campaigns demand vast financial resources and specialized skills, including audience research, ad production, and message-testing. One solution: Adapt advertisements that have already been proven effective in other tobacco control campaigns.

To help ease the burden and cost of developing new creative material, WLF convened a meeting of the Mass Media Taskforce, a panel that includes some of the world's foremost experts in tobacco control social marketing. The group was asked to select ads that could be included in a collection of best practice campaigns. A key element in the selection was to choose ads that could be effective and easily adapted and licensed in developing countries. The result was an updated and digital Mass Media Resource (MMR), which includes hard-hitting ads that address the health effects of smoking and secondhand smoke, as well as testimonials from victims of tobacco use.

The MMR was designed, produced and translated into six additional languages, including Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish. The Resource includes guidelines on campaign planning and implementation, research and evaluation, and obtaining free media through public relations efforts.

Media Campaigns

WLF provides technical assistance and financial support for the development, implementation and evaluation of tobacco control mass media campaigns.   These campaigns may be a stand-alone intervention, encouraging smokers to quit, or may support another tobacco control policy such as smoke-free environments.  On this site, you may watch ads from WLF-supported campaigns in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine


World Lung Foundation has a number of posters and other materials available for lung health practitioners.  At left is WLF's campaign guidelines poster, explaining the steps to putting together an effective mass media campaign.

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