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Tropical Disease Foundation (TDF)

Year(s) :  2007, 2008
Grant Recipient Type :  NGO / Nonprofit
Budget :  $150,000
Contact Name :  Jennifer Birkett, WLF
Grantor :  World Lung Foundation (WLF)
Project goal :  To open a training facility to conduct research and build capacity on multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in Asia.
Direct Grant :  Yes

MDR-TB training in Manila.

Key achievement to date: TDF opened the first International Tuberculosis Center in Asia, in Manila, in March 2008. The state-of-the-art center hosts a treatment center and a research laboratory.

Objective 1: To conduct trainings on MDR-TB to health professionals across Asia.
Major accomplishments to date:

  • The center's first training sessions took place in May 2008, with 23 clinicians representing 16 countries participating in an intensive five-day Comprehensive Clinical Course on MDR-TB management.
  • To date, five training courses have been conducted for participants from other countries, and 10 trainings on TB management have been conducted for TB program implementers nationally, including TDF staff.
  • TDF has also provided technical assistance to other countries concerning implementation of the WHO's Guidelines for the Programmatic Management of Drug-Resistant TB.

Objective 2: To develop programs and resources that facilitate the treatment of MDR-TB.
Major accomplishments to date:

  • In addition to offering a variety of treatment and training programs focused on control of MDR-TB, the facility has established an online resource that assists TB practitioners with case identification, diagnosis and treatment, as well as programs that improve clinical proficiency.
  • An initiative using Radio Frequency Identification technology automatically and accurately identifies and tracks supply and demand of drugs, facilitating efficient distribution to patients. This has not only benefited patients directly, but it has also enabled TB control experts to start self-sustaining programs in their own countries.
World Lung Foundation
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