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Smoke Free South-East Foundation

Year(s) :  2007, 2008, 2009
Grant Recipient Type :  NGO / Nonprofit
Budget :  $796,400
Contact Name :  Debra Efroymson, The Union
Grantor :  International Union Against Tobacco and Lung Disease (The Union)/WLF
Project goal :  To enhance activities and provide support to national and regional efforts in tobacco control in the seven member countries (Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia).
Direct Grant :  No

The Union

Key achievement to date: Capacity building and technical assistance have contributed to policy changes in each country.

Objective: This grant supports MPOWER goals.

Major accomplishments to date:

  • Provided technical advice through country-level meetings and online consultation.
  • Cambodia - revised tobacco control law approved and submitted to the National Assembly; Pictorial Health Warnings Circular submitted to Council of Ministers; progress made on comprehensive advertising ban.
  • Laos - draft tobacco control law approved by MOH; opportunities to amend tax policy contract examined; international best practices on health warnings provided; tobacco advertising ban drafted; smoke-free areas declared.
  • Malaysia - provided information for tax proposal; amendments to Tobacco Control Regulations approved and passed by Ministry of Health.
  • Indonesia - Report Cards distributed to parliamentarians; academic advocates trained; advocacy video on children, tobacco and poverty produced; tobacco sector employment research results released and policy paper developed; industry surveillance undertaken.
  • Philippines - picture-based health warning bill drafted and filed in Filipino Congress; bill filed in Senate to remove Philippine Tobacco Institute from Inter-Agency Committee for Tobacco; research on employment and tax used to support taxation policy; technical support provided for smoke-free policy.
  • Thailand - Ministry of Health's regulation banning smoking in pubs and bars promoted.
  • Vietnam - technical support provided for policy advocacy and media activities around tobacco control law.
  • Assisted country teams in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia with development of comprehensive tobacco control policies consistent with the FCTC.
  • Hosted five regional workshops attended by hundreds of participants from seven countries, including representatives from ministries of health and information, Parliamentary members, NGOs, tobacco control advocates, researchers, and media.
  • Hosted dozens of national meetings and workshops on issues of particular importance to each country (health warnings, taxation, smoke-free policy, packaging and labeling).
  • Conducted a series of issue specific national capacity building workshops and regional meetings, undertaken to meet national priorities and timelines.
  • Produced seven publications; SEATCA website improved and upgraded.
  • Converted research evidence into ready-to-use fact sheets, summary reports, and press releases.
  • A comprehensive book on best practice on tobacco tax, arguments from tobacco industry and recommendations to advance tobacco tax policy in all partner countries published and disseminated.
  • Organized two regional media workshops; included media participants from each country; supported publishing of local and online newspaper articles; press releases issued; press conferences organized.
  • Media training activities supported and provided with technical assistance.
  • Organized advocacy training for 14 tobacco control advocates from seven countries.
  • Thai team agreed to publicize ThaiHealth model and to assist other countries develop such a policy.
  • Advocacy plan approved in Cambodia.
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