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World Lung Foundation

Year(s) :  2009, 2010
Grant Recipient Type :  Government , NGO / Nonprofit
Direct Grant :  No

This project supports MPOWER letter goal(s): P, W

Key achievement to date: Development, implementation and evaluation of a national tobacco control mass media campaign, to educate the public about the health harms of tobacco use and secondhand smoke and to support passage of comprehensive tobacco control legislation.

Major accomplishments to date:

  • Adapted two pre-tested advertisements to be suitable for Vietnamese audiences, including dubbing into the northern and southern Vietnamese accents.
  • “Cigarettes are Eating You Alive” campaign, sponsored by MoH, launched on December 19 with a press event in Hanoi. Thirty-five journalists and five TV crews attended the event, which generated nearly 90 tobacco control stories in the national print, TV and online media in the weeks following.
  • The ads aired for five weeks on national and regional TV channels throughout Vietnam.
  • A baseline and post-campaign evaluation, was completed in mid-February 2010 and found:
  • • 70% of smokers and 70% of non- and former smokers recalled seeing at least one of the ads.
    • More than three-quarters of smokers who saw the campaign said the ads made them more likely to quit (77%) and to stop exposing others to their smoke (80%).
    • Nearly 9 out of 10 non- and former smokers who saw the campaign said the ads made them more likely to complain about being exposed to cigarette smoke (Alive 87%; Baby Alive 86%).
  • Evaluation results were delivered in April and presented to partners and the press in May 2010. The press event generated about 90 stories in print, online and TV media.

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