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This Week in Global Health

Friday, June 22, 2012

A weekly round- up of selected health news from around the world. Posted each Friday.

Advocacy groups worry that children may confuse the Merck medicine with candy.
TTCIH reports on WLF’s life-saving maternal health work in Tanzania.

Yet another study confirms that graphic pack warnings are more effective at convincing smokers to quit than conventional labels. (CBS News)

The World is Fat’, reports the New York Times.

New York City’s controversial soda ban may spread to Boston. (Huffington Post)

TIME reports that owning a dog might help keep kids asthma-free.

A new study finds that Australians are smoking less, but eating and drinking more. (Herald Sun)

The New York Times reports that advocates are denouncing a marketing campaign for allergy medication that directly targets children.

A calorie-burning compound in apple peels may be key to the next anti-obesity drug. (iScience Times)

Road safety should top India’s priority list, opines the Times of India.

AThai anti-smoking ad which features a child smoking has become a viral hit. (Reuters)

Fast access to records helps prevent epidemics, reports the New York Times.

The Huffington Post reports on key insights that may improve global maternal health.

A congressional committee in the United States moves to exempt premium cigars from many tobacco regulations. (Miami Herald)

Are soda companies’ ‘social responsibility’ campaigns ruining your health? (TIME)

A science journal takes aim at ‘Big Food’. (MedPage Today)

Want to live to be 100? Eat balanced meals, sleep eight hours a night, and be social. (USA Today)

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