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Mass Media Campaigns: Hard-Hitting and Evidence-Based

Hard-hitting, visually explicit messages are one of the most effective tools available to discourage smoking, alter attitudes and behavior towards tobacco, and generate support for smoke-free environments and other proven tobacco control policies. WLF helps governments and advocates adapt and develop, test, run and evaluate graphic tobacco-control messages.

WLF-supported campaigns use combinations of mass media—television, radio, print, Internet sites, electronic and traditional billboards, posters and social media and more—to reach broad audiences. Stark images and blunt messages, often translated into multiple local languages, highlight the health consequences of smoking and are designed to change policy and behavior. Governments have co-invested in many of these campaigns.

Gathering evidence to ensure that mass media campaigns have their intended effect is a core component of WLF’s commitment to tobacco control. WLF’s research begins with pre-testing ads before they air, to make sure they will resonate with target audiences. Many campaigns are evaluated afterwards to measure their impact and to offer lessons going forward.

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