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Priority Areas

Our focus is on the drivers and disesases that affect lung health: Tobacco, indoor air pollution, asthma and tuberculosis (TB). We also concentrate on child and maternal health. 

Health Communications
WLF influences health behavior through targeted communications campaigns that respect local conditions and culture. To date the organization has spearheaded tobacco control communications initiatives in nearly 30 countries.

Capacity Building
Powerful and enduring public health interventions require communities to have a strong health infrastructure and the tools to be self-sufficient. WLF has helped make that possible with support to build new operating rooms in Tanzania, and by establishing international tobacco control country offices across the world.

Project Management
To meet their goals, lung health projects demand detailed planning, flexible implementation, and the carefully allocation of resources. WLF provides management guidance that promotes accountability and builds in-country capacity, enabling its partners eventually to manage their own projects.

Operational Research
WLF supports lung health research to strengthen clinical practice and guide sound policy. Its studies have broadened the evidence base for action. We do this in many ways, from dentifying effective ways to administer TB therapy to analyzing tobacco taxation policies.

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