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Mukesh: Smokeless Campaign

Data from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) released in October 2010 found that smokeless tobacco: Khaini, Pan, Gutka, Pan Masala and others forms of smokeless forms are the most widely consumed tobacco products in India with almost 26% of adults - 33% of males and 18% of females - using these products daily.

The 4-week Smokeless Tobacco (Mukesh) campaign to be launched on television and radio in January 2011, will feature the story of 24 year old Mukesh Harane from Maharashtra - who represents the fast growing, young Indian chewing population – and who dies as a result of his chewing addiction. The campaign was produced at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, where Mukesh was admitted for treatment. The ad depicts the situation in one of the busiest cancer hospitals in the world,and one of the surgeons relays the horrific trauma patients endure in the Head & Neck Unit of the hospital as a result of their chewing tobacco habit. This campaign phase follows an earlier phase that ran in November 2009, which graphically depicted the disfigurement caused by chewing tobacco related cancers.


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