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The Daily Guardian The Daily Guardian, Aug 13, 2015
World Lung Foundation cites Iloilo City
Adobo Magazine Adobo Magazine, Aug 13, 2015
"Cigarettes are eating you and your baby alive"
The Philippine Star The Philippine Star, Aug 10, 2015
WLF, DOH and New Vois Association launch new "Cigarettes Are Eating You Alive" campaign
ABS CBN ABS CBN, Aug 10, 2015
Cigarette smoking can kill you
Yahoo! News Yahoo! News, Aug 10, 2015
WLF launches "Cigarettes Are Eating You Alive" campaign in the Philippines
CNN CNN, Aug 10, 2015
DOH PSA: Smoking can kill your loved ones, too
BD News 24 BD News 24, Jul 23, 2015
World Lung Foundation congratulates Bangladesh on anti second-hand smoke campaign
Daily Post India Daily Post India, Jul 21, 2015
Global experts recommend increase in tobacco taxes
The Indian Express The Indian Express, Jul 14, 2015
In Poor Health
Daily FT Daily FT, Jul 10, 2015
WHO urges governments to raise tobacco taxes to beat smoking
Reuters Africa Reuters Africa, Jul 7, 2015
WHO urges governments to raise tobacco taxes to beat smoking
All Africa All Africa, Jun 28, 2015
Africa: Maternal Mortality Reduction Achievable, Says Expert
Medical News Today Medical News Today, Jun 1, 2015
Watershed moment in public health as Beijing goes smokefree
Daily Nation Daily Nation, May 31, 2015
Tobacco War Gets Graphic
CNN CNN, May 29, 2015
Why you quit smoking: 10 reasons for kicking the habit
Qatar Today Qatar Today, May 16, 2015
Thank you for not smoking
International Business Times International Business Times, May 8, 2015
China Raises Cigarette Tax To 11 Percent To Curb High Rate Of Smoking
The Times of India The Times of India, May 5, 2015
Health entities urge govt to implement health warnings on tobacco packs
The British Medical Journal The British Medical Journal, Apr 22, 2015
Slaying the Dragon: How the Tobacco Industry refuses to die
British Medical Journal British Medical Journal, Apr 10, 2015
Indian anti-tobacco campaigners plead for larger graphic warnings on products
The Lancet The Lancet, Apr 3, 2015
How do you solve a problem like tobacco?
The Economic Times The Economic Times, Apr 2, 2015
Implement large graphic health warnings on tobacco packs
The Indian Express The Indian Express, Apr 1, 2015
A Promise to Sunita Tomar
South China Morning Post South China Morning Post, Mar 23, 2015
Arab teens embracing tobacco product five times stronger than regular cigarettes
Yahoo! News Yahoo! News, Mar 19, 2015
Water pipes can be more harmful than cigarettes: experts
Reuters Reuters, Mar 19, 2015
Industry makes $7,000 for each tobacco death: health campaigners
TIME TIME, Mar 19, 2015
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tobacco
CNBC CNBC, Mar 19, 2015
Gates, Bloomberg create $4M fund to fight Big Tobacco
The Guardian The Guardian, Feb 7, 2015
Smoke and mirrors: the stealth approach that aims to put cigarettes out for good
All Africa All Africa, Jan 31, 2015
Tanzania: Budget for Safe Delivery of Mothers Declines Drastically
All Africa All Africa, Jan 11, 2015
Ethiopian City Bans Smoking in Public Areas
The Guardian The Guardian, Dec 22, 2014
China considers curbs on tobacco advertising
Medical News Today Medical News Today, Dec 2, 2014
World Lung Foundation hails Beijing smoking ban - says work needed to help build support, encourage compliance
The Pioneer The Pioneer, Nov 19, 2014
Sentinel Tribune Sentinel Tribune, Nov 17, 2014
Quit habit on Great American Smokeout
NDTV NDTV, Nov 15, 2014
Community Radios Spread Tobacco Control Messages in Kerala, Nov 14, 2014
Tax exemption for governmental bonds in international market: Proposals to increase tax imposition on tobaccos
BBC News BBC News, Nov 6, 2014
Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?
One World South Asia One World South Asia, Nov 5, 2014
New ad featuring oral cancer victim gets good response
VietnamPlus VietnamPlus, Nov 3, 2014
Increasing tobacco taxes - measures to protect public health, Nov 2, 2014
Increasing tobacco taxes to protect the youth!, Nov 1, 2014
Launch a communication program to increase cigarette taxes to prevent youth smoking Vietnam, Oct 31, 2014
Increasing tobacco taxes to protect youth, Oct 31, 2014
The grisly images of tobacco can not be ignored
Anninh Thudo Anninh Thudo, Oct 31, 2014
Open communication campaigns tobacco tax increase, Oct 31, 2014
Increasing tobacco taxes: Will reduce consumption up to 50-60%
South Asia Mail South Asia Mail, Oct 31, 2014
Increasing tobacco taxes to protect young Vietnam, Oct 31, 2014
Proposing to raise taxes to reduce the state rejuvenate aged smokers
South Asia Mail South Asia Mail, Oct 28, 2014
Shocking New Ad Featuring Oral Cancer Victim, Sunita
La Voz La Voz, Oct 15, 2014
Uruguay presents arguments in its litigation against the tobacco company Philip Morris
El Pais El Pais, Oct 15, 2014
Uruguay defends right to health and life in Philip Morris trial
Inilahcom Inilahcom, Oct 14, 2014
Young victims Flick Through Cigarette A
SWA SWA, Oct 12, 2014
WLF - Ministry of Health Launches Anti-Smoking Campaign
TribunNews TribunNews, Oct 11, 2014
Sure Menkes Impressions in Cinema Effective anti-smoking campaign
TribunNews TribunNews, Oct 11, 2014
Enjoy Non Stop Cigarette Advertising Scenario Drama
TribunPekanbaru TribunPekanbaru, Oct 11, 2014
Ministry of Health anti-tobacco campaign in TV and Movies, Oct 11, 2014
Ads Affect Teen Smoking, Oct 10, 2014
WATCH Baby Smoker Country in Indonesia !
Republika Online Republika Online, Oct 10, 2014
Listen! 6 Million per year die from smoking
Berita Satu Berita Satu, Oct 10, 2014
Minister of Health Claims about Danger Cigarette Ad Plays in Effective Theaters
Surya Online Surya Online, Oct 10, 2014
Ads Launched This Containing Cigarettes Victim Testimony
Berita Satu Berita Satu, Oct 10, 2014
Health Minister Launches Ad Stop Smoking Support, Oct 10, 2014
DANGERS OF SMOKING: Government Launches Public Service Announcement, Oct 10, 2014
Oops , Indonesia Dubbed Baby Smoker Country
Inilahcom Inilahcom, Oct 10, 2014
Public Health Minister Launches Victims Cigarette Ad, Oct 10, 2014
As many as 70% of Youth Smoking Affected Ad
Antara News Antara News, Oct 3, 2014
Dangers of Cigarette Advertising on TV
Detik Health Detik Health, Oct 3, 2014
Dangers of Cigarette Campaign Begin Airing on National TV, Oct 3, 2014
Dangers of Smoking Will be Advertised on Television
OkeZone Health OkeZone Health, Oct 3, 2014
Cigarette ads Latest Show Cancer
Waspada Online Waspada Online, Oct 3, 2014
Dangers of cigarette ads on TV
OkeZone Health OkeZone Health, Oct 3, 2014
Negative Impact of Cigarette Kian Unsettling
Gaceta Mexico Gaceta Mexico, Oct 2, 2014
More than 100 organizations in America against food "junk"
Style by ShockVisual Style by ShockVisual, Sep 30, 2014
Vietnam Breaking News Vietnam Breaking News, Sep 26, 2014
Vietnam appeases Big Tobacco with toothless taxes
Press Release Point Press Release Point, Sep 24, 2014
Why the SDGs must deliver for young people, Sep 9, 2014
Francophone Africa: Starting a media campaign on tobacco control
Walfe-Groupe Walfe-Groupe, Sep 9, 2014
TOBACCO: "Idrissa" to discourage smoking, Sep 9, 2014
Launch Spot Tv Idrissa: The Ministry of Health and its partners are mobilizing to stop the 'silent killer'
Amanien Amanien, Sep 9, 2014
Fight against the evils of tobacco: An awareness campaign launched, Sep 8, 2014
Launch Spot Tv Idrissa: The Ministry of Health and its partners are mobilizing to stop the 'silent killer'
ACTU plus ACTU plus, Sep 8, 2014
Launch of the first media campaign anti-tobacco mass in West Africa
AIP AIP, Sep 8, 2014
Launch of the first regional mass media campaign in Francophone Africa on smoking, Sep 8, 2014
Launch of the first regional mass media campaign in Francophone Africa on smoking
No check on teens using tobacco: Study No check on teens using tobacco: Study, Sep 5, 2014
Times of India
Tribune India Tribune India, Sep 5, 2014
Cigarette-smoking parents bad influence on children
Seeking Alpha Seeking Alpha, Sep 4, 2014
Philip Morris International: An Attractive Compounding Machine
El País El País, Aug 29, 2014
Tobacco are recomposed, Aug 27, 2014
How former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg plans to get India to stop smoking
Dewji Blog Dewji Blog, Aug 27, 2014
JK pays a visit to WLF-supported Mwaya Health Center
IPP Media IPP Media, Aug 26, 2014
Tanzania not doing enough to reduce maternal mortality, morbidity rates
MedPage Today MedPage Today, Aug 26, 2014
E-Cigarettes: Effective Cessation Aid?
IPP Media IPP Media, Aug 25, 2014
Blood bank shortages force centre to put off scheduled operations
Daily News Tz Daily News Tz, Aug 22, 2014
Tanzania: Sh56 Billion Bridge, Power Project Launched in Morogoro
The Economist The Economist, Aug 14, 2014
Fighting tuberculosis: Going back to basics will move us forward, explains Dr Neil Schluger, Chief Scientific Officer at World Lung Foundation
DNA India DNA India, Aug 11, 2014
Cancer victim is face of government's new anti-tobacco drive
DNA Syndication DNA Syndication, Aug 11, 2014
Meet Sunita, the face of India's anti-tobacco campaign, Aug 8, 2014
Health Ministry launches another anti-tobacco campaign
IBN Live IBN Live, Aug 8, 2014
Harsh Vardhan writes to states, UTs over sale of tobacco products
The Health Site The Health Site, Aug 8, 2014
Anti-tobacco ad – will Sunita make a bigger impact than Mukesh?
Millenium Post Millenium Post, Aug 8, 2014
Vardhan urges states,UTs to ban tobacco products
One World South Asia One World South Asia, Aug 8, 2014
Indian Health Ministry bans all forms of chewing tobacco
Pro Kerala News Pro Kerala News, Aug 7, 2014
More cancer institutes to be set up in India
India Education Diary India Education Diary, Aug 7, 2014
Dr Harsh Vardhan launches 'Sunita'- symbol of tobacco victimhood
Business Standard Business Standard, Aug 7, 2014
Vardhan writes to states, UTs over sale of tobacco products, Aug 7, 2014
More cancer institutes in states planned
Free News Pos Free News Pos, Jul 30, 2014
Antibiotics in chicken sold in Delhi-NCR: CSE, Jul 27, 2014
Giving a voice to tobacco victims
The Economic Times The Economic Times, Jul 27, 2014
BreezeScan: Innobreeze Technologies develops non-invasive device to detect cancer
Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal, Jul 23, 2014
10 countries where people smoke the most
Pan European Networks Pan European Networks, Jul 22, 2014
Poland to challenge menthol ban, Jul 22, 2014
EPHA signs up to joint-statement on Conflict of Interest - UN General Assembly review on non-communicable disease (NCDs) review
KELO KELO, Jul 21, 2014
Poland to challenge EU ban on menthol cigarettes, Jul 9, 2014
Rising tuberculosis pandemic requires global action
Nikkei Business Nikkei Business, Jul 8, 2014
Smoking circumstances vary from country to country
All Africa All Africa, Jul 8, 2014
Nigeria: 'Nigeria Lagging Behind On Anti-Tobacco Targets'
All Africa All Africa, Jul 7, 2014
Nigeria Lags On Anti-Tobacco Targets
Humanosphere Humanosphere, Jul 2, 2014
The time to act against Tuberculosis is now
The Diplomat The Diplomat, Jul 2, 2014
Vietnam's Tobacco Problem
PR Newswire PR Newswire, Jun 30, 2014
Janssen:Economist Intelligence Unit Report Calls for Urgent Global Action to Combat the Growing Tuberculosis Pandemic
Asia PR News Asia PR News, Jun 30, 2014
Economist Intelligence Unit Report Calls for Urgent Global Act…
The Echo of India The Echo of India, Jun 29, 2014
Film fraternity divided over anti-tobacco advertisements
El Observador El Observador, Jun 25, 2014
Cigarettes lead withholding Customs
The Telegraph The Telegraph, Jun 21, 2014
Assam’s burden of cancer: Rs 59cr is spent on tobacco-related diseases, Jun 11, 2014
Korean rice tobacco would really value? Or would be expensive?
IPP Media IPP Media, Jun 10, 2014
Govt reaffirms commitment to improving healthcare provision
Daily Daily, Jun 10, 2014
Programme spends 19bn/- to improve maternal health
PhilStar PhilStar, Jun 9, 2014
SEATCA cites DOF, DOH for sin tax achievements
Global Bridges Global Bridges, Jun 9, 2014
King Hussein Cancer Center hosts international experts to support tobacco control in Jordan
The Hindu The Hindu, Jun 7, 2014
New anti-tobacco video unveiled
Web Newswire Web Newswire, Jun 6, 2014
New Film Shows The Price We All Pay For Consuming Tobacco
HealthyDunia HealthyDunia, Jun 6, 2014
World Lung Foundation's new film shows the real price we all pay for consuming Tobacco, Jun 2, 2014
Russia's Smokers Must Take It Outside, As Ban Begins
The Hindu The Hindu, Jun 1, 2014
Documentary on impact of tobacco
Mid-Day Mid-Day, Jun 1, 2014
Now, a documentary on ill-effects of tobacco
Bao Moi Bao Moi, May 31, 2014
Vietnam observes World No Tobacco Day 2014
Entorno Intelligente Entorno Intelligente, May 31, 2014
On World No Snuff urgent call to take action to reduce their consumption, May 31, 2014
40% Anak-anak Terpapar Asap Rokok di Rumah Sendiri
Business Standard Business Standard, May 31, 2014
Documentary on economic, health impact of tobacco
VoA News VoA News, May 31, 2014
Nightline Africa (11:10)
BaoMoi BaoMoi, May 30, 2014
Awarded implementation of tobacco prevention advocacy on social networks
Salud Salud, May 30, 2014
Law on Health Protection of Non-Smokers, May 30, 2014
Cost increase would save lives snuff
Sin Mordaza Sin Mordaza, May 29, 2014
Precio de cigarrillos, entre los más bajos
Corrientes Online Corrientes Online, May 29, 2014
Argentina has the cheapest cigarettes in the world
Sz News Sz News, May 27, 2014
Shenzhen complaint hotline low awareness of tobacco control more than 5% of the people do not know what the number is 12345
News 163 News 163, May 27, 2014
I do not know who the people surveyed tobacco control hotlines
Clearing a path to a smoke-free world Clearing a path to a smoke-free world, May 20, 2014
China Daily
The Star The Star, May 14, 2014
Kicking the habit: Migori declares end to tobacco farming
Read Daily News, May 5, 2014
Smoking in public places advertising support charity will be held in Beijing on May start
Bloomberg Businessweek Bloomberg Businessweek, Apr 29, 2014
International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Board of Directors Names José Luis Castro as Executive Director
South China Morning Post South China Morning Post, Apr 23, 2014
Anti-smoking crusader Virginia Li enlists China's farmers to curb habit
The Lancet The Lancet, Apr 22, 2014
Challenges to effective cancer control in China, India, and Russia
BáoMó BáoMó, Apr 22, 2014
Voters contest "Life smokeless tobacco"
NBC News NBC News, Apr 22, 2014
Health Experts Anxious to See FDA Rules on E-Cigarettes, Apr 22, 2014
CDC Grand Rounds: Global Tobacco Control
Kênh 14 - Channel For Teens Kênh 14 - Channel For Teens, Apr 22, 2014
Voters contest "Life smokeless tobacco", Apr 21, 2014
Health experts warn that new label misleads consumers
La Jornada La Jornada, Apr 21, 2014
Mandatory labeling on food and beverages will not attack obesity and diabetes
Bloomberg Bloomberg, Apr 21, 2014
Starving China’s Tobacco Monopoly Is Li’s Smoking Cure
Grupo Fórmula Grupo Fórmula, Apr 20, 2014
Experts warn of risk of new food labeling
East African East African, Apr 12, 2014
Anti shisha, e-smoking, campaign launched, Apr 11, 2014
Emergency services for parents Kibiti zaokoa life of the mother and child
Business Insider Business Insider, Apr 4, 2014
12 Startling Charts That Show How Tobacco Is Destroying The World
NY Times NY Times, Mar 28, 2014
First Cases Documented of TB Caught From Cats
Digital Journal Digital Journal, Mar 27, 2014
Bloomberg Philanthropies Launches $50 Million Reproductive Health Program
The Times of India The Times of India, Mar 25, 2014
Drug-resistant TB on the rise in Hyderabad
Financial Times Financial Times, Mar 24, 2014
Stubborn new TB strains threaten to reverse progres
Financial Times Financial Times, Mar 24, 2014
TB, disease of the poor, now threatens the rich
Financial Times Financial Times, Mar 24, 2014
Big pharma balks at investment in TB
Reuters Reuters, Mar 24, 2014
Australian tobacco sales edge up despite plain packs -industry
New Vision New Vision, Mar 20, 2014
Health advocates want anti-tobacco public education campaign improved, Mar 18, 2014
Six African Countries Gather to Improve Tobacco Counter Marketing
Inside Asian Gaming Inside Asian Gaming, Mar 14, 2014
Breathe This
Sino-US Sino-US, Mar 11, 2014
Pollution is causing lung cancer in China. Or Is it?
Macau Daily Times Macau Daily Times, Mar 11, 2014
Tobacco ban faces hurdles to beat habit
Bloomberg Bloomberg, Mar 9, 2014
China Tobacco Ban Faces Hurdles to Beat Habit: Health
Free News Pos Free News Pos, Mar 3, 2014
Financial Times Financial Times, Feb 26, 2014
Pharmacies have been too quick to start selling e-cigarettes
Healthy Dunia Healthy Dunia, Feb 26, 2014
Cigarettes and Bidis clog smoker's arteries
Tobacco Reporter Tobacco Reporter, Feb 24, 2014
‘Cigarettes are eating you alive’, Feb 23, 2014
Anti-Smoking Media Campaign launched
Vietnam Breaking News Vietnam Breaking News, Feb 23, 2014
Anti-Smoking Media Campaign launched, Feb 22, 2014
Gambia launches campaign against tobacco
All Africa All Africa, Feb 21, 2014
Gambia: Media Campaign On 'A Smoke Free the Gambia' Launched, Feb 21, 2014
Gambia began a campaign of anti-smoking
African Health Magazine African Health Magazine, Feb 20, 2014
First National Tobacco Control Mass Media Campaign Launches in The Gambia
Daily Observer Daily Observer, Feb 20, 2014
Media campaign launched to halt use of tobacco in Gambia
All Africa All Africa, Feb 20, 2014
Gambia: Media Campaign Launched to Halt Use of Tobacco in Gambia
IPP Media IPP Media, Feb 18, 2014
Poor zaweka pregnant mortgages Talc-Morogoro
Daily News Daily News, Feb 17, 2014
Theatres vital in mortality reduction
Bloomberg Bloomberg, Feb 13, 2014
Sochi Olympic Smoking Ban a Test Case for Russia Woes
The Health Site The Health Site, Feb 12, 2014
Tobacco – the most powerful weapon of mass destruction in the world?
Mail Online India Mail Online India, Feb 12, 2014
HALF of Delhi's schoolkids use tobacco, study finds
OneWorld South Asia OneWorld South Asia, Feb 11, 2014
Tobacco is a main cause of cancer in India, says WLO
DNA India DNA India, Feb 11, 2014
Tobacco claims over 1 million Indian lives annually
America Economica America Economica, Feb 8, 2014
Formal use of cigarettes and smuggling increased in Uruguay
El Observador El Observador, Feb 7, 2014
Formal snuff consumption grew but smuggling gains ground
Diario Huarpe Diario Huarpe, Feb 5, 2014
Cigarrillos: bajan un impuesto del 21 al 7 %
DeGuate DeGuate, Feb 5, 2014
Argentina raises 10 million a year in taxes to snuff and spends twice to try smoking
Entorno Inteligente Entorno Inteligente, Feb 2, 2014
From tomorrow, cigarettes cost 9% more expensive
Khaleej Times Khaleej Times, Jan 30, 2014
Gujarat government is likely to double tax on tobacco
Taringa! Taringa!, Jan 29, 2014
Argentina, los cigarrillos más baratos..
Medical Daily Medical Daily, Jan 29, 2014
China Bans Smoking In Schools, Takes First Steps In Wiping Out Cigarettes Across Nation
Medical Daily Medical Daily, Jan 29, 2014
China Bans Smoking In Schools, Takes First Steps In Wiping Out Cigarettes Across Nation
United Explanations United Explanations, Jan 27, 2014
50 maps to help you make sense of the world
Indian Express Indian Express, Jan 27, 2014
NGO Demands Double VAT on Tobacco
Eastern Chronicle Eastern Chronicle, Jan 25, 2014
Campaign to Warn Smokers (on page 3)
Mens Fitness Mens Fitness, Jan 24, 2014
E-Cigarettes Puff Into Prisons
The Global Indian The Global Indian, Jan 23, 2014
Do graphic anti-smoking ads work?
OneWorld South Asia OneWorld South Asia, Jan 22, 2014
Indian govt launches new campaign against smoking
The Pioneer The Pioneer, Jan 11, 2014
EJ Insight EJ Insight, Jan 10, 2014
Crisis smoulders in China smoking epidemic (also attached)
Warta Ekonomi Warta Ekonomi, Jan 10, 2014
New York Times New York Times, Jan 9, 2014
Smoking Prevalence Steady in China, but Numbers Rise
CNN CNN, Jan 9, 2014
China, world's leading tobacco user, moves to ban indoor public smoking
Newser Newser, Jan 9, 2014
China to Ban Indoor Smoking
The Washington Times The Washington Times, Jan 9, 2014
China to ban indoor smoking by 2014: report, Jan 4, 2014
Dialogue 01/03/2014 China to stub out smoking (video)
Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal, Jan 3, 2014
China Tells Its Bureaucrats to Butt Out
EJ Insight EJ Insight, Dec 16, 2013
Central Party School moots historic change to tobacco industry
XinHuaNet XinHuaNet, Dec 13, 2013
China's consumption of tobacco in the world of male smoking rate of 38% in more than half, Dec 13, 2013
Our cafe restaurant proposed total ban on smoking
Slate Slate, Dec 13, 2013
Big Tobacco Is Using Trade Laws to Keep Poor Countries From Cracking Down on Smoking, Dec 12, 2013
China nearly forty percent of the world's consumption of smokeless tobacco laws introduced in some big cities, Dec 12, 2013
Chinese version of "Tobacco Atlas" released, Dec 12, 2013
12% of male deaths due to tobacco use
news.XinHuaNet news.XinHuaNet, Dec 12, 2013
Our proposed regulations to prohibit smoking in public places such as cafes restaurant
Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal, Dec 11, 2013
China Eyes Smoking Ban
Businessweek Businessweek, Dec 11, 2013
China Party School Proposes Stronger Tobacco Control Laws
Reuters Reuters, Dec 11, 2013
E-cigarettes: a burning question for U.S. regulators
The Guardian The Guardian, Dec 11, 2013
China considers nationwide ban on smoking in public
Medical Xpress Medical Xpress, Dec 11, 2013
Hundreds of millions of Chinese men could die from tobacco related diseases
Daily News Daily News, Dec 6, 2013
NGO hosts training on reporting maternal health issues
Daily News Daily News, Dec 5, 2013
City Council Debates Ban on E-Cigarettes At Bars And Restaurants
Civil Society Online Civil Society Online, Dec 1, 2013
Tobacco tears you apart
The Diplomat The Diplomat, Nov 29, 2013
Myanmar’s Weak Legislation a “Lucky Strike” for Foreign Tobacco Giants
University of Waterloo University of Waterloo, Nov 25, 2013
Graphic warning labels on cigarette packs could lead to 8.6 million fewer smokers in the US, Nov 22, 2013
Strong anti-tobacco policies, including tax increases and graphic pack warnings, urgently needed in Africa
Al Jazeera Al Jazeera, Nov 20, 2013
Big tobacco eyes Myanmar market
Trade Arabia Trade Arabia, Nov 13, 2013
New pneumonia cases hit 156m annually
DNA DNA, Nov 5, 2013
Smokeless tobacco use rising in India
The Lancet The Lancet, Nov 1, 2013
Winds shift for tobacco control in China
The Washington Post The Washington Post, Oct 29, 2013
Australia’s ‘plain packaging’ stubs out cigarette branding, prompting backlash, Oct 23, 2013
World Lung Foundation Comment on World Health Organisation's Global TB Report 2013, Launched Today
All Voices All Voices, Oct 16, 2013
Anti-tobacco forum demand to ban Tamil film
Health.India Health.India, Oct 14, 2013
Indian cancer surgeon’s open letter to Mr Woody Allen
NDTV NDTV, Oct 9, 2013
'Smoking kills' ads killing creative space?
The Hindu The Hindu, Oct 9, 2013
A Killer Habit
All Africa All Africa, Oct 1, 2013
Gambia: Media Is Key to Tackle Tobacco Use
Business Standard Business Standard, Oct 1, 2013
New anti-tobacco audio-visuals released
Foroyaa Newspaper Foroyaa Newspaper, Oct 1, 2013
Media is key to tackle tobacco use
Daiji World Daiji World, Sep 30, 2013
Two new anti-tobacco advertisements from Oct 2
Business Standard Business Standard, Sep 30, 2013
Two new anti-tobacco advertisements from Oct 2
IPP Media IPP Media, Sep 27, 2013
Mother, child deaths decrease in Kigoma
Health India Health India, Sep 5, 2013
Are we ready for a tobacco-free world?
Thanh Nien News Thanh Nien News, Sep 3, 2013
US’s controversial TPP proposal is smoking gun for corporate agenda, Aug 13, 2013
Social Media Skills and Resources Lacking Among Anti-Tobacco Groups
Washington Post Washington Post, Aug 12, 2013
40 maps that explain the world
Ghana Business News Ghana Business News, Aug 7, 2013
Tobacco kills six million people worldwide
South Asia Mail South Asia Mail, Jul 29, 2013
Clean cookstoves save lives, promote health
Media for Freedom Media for Freedom, Jul 24, 2013
Clean cookstoves save lives, promote health
Business Standard Business Standard, Jul 17, 2013
'Tears you apart' to create awareness about smokeless tobacco
Medical News Today Medical News Today, Jul 16, 2013
World Lung Foundation Urges UK Government To Set Timetable For Plain Packaging Review
The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal, Jul 11, 2013
Pipe Dreams? Pushing Smoke-Free Weddings in China
PR Newswire PR Newswire, Jul 10, 2013
Bloomberg Philanthropies-Funded Report On Global Tobacco Epidemic Released By World Health Organization
Cameroon Webnews Cameroon Webnews, Jul 9, 2013
Cameroon: Cigarettes are eating your baby alive campaign
iCameroon iCameroon, Jul 5, 2013
BMJ Blogs BMJ Blogs, Jul 4, 2013
Cameroon: Cigarettes are eating your baby alive campaign
Dakaractu Dakaractu, Jul 4, 2013
[Release] calls on the toll increase of about 600% in the first anti-tobacco media campaign in Senegal
Agence de Presse Sênêgalaise Agence de Presse Sênêgalaise, Jul 3, 2013
SENEGAL: 588% increase in calls to the hotline dedicated to anti-tobacco media campaign, Jul 3, 2013
Tobacco Control: The Senegalese explode the toll
La Cuarto La Cuarto, Jun 28, 2013
Overheads are the most good for the butt of the region
Terra Terra, Jun 28, 2013
Check shocking data on smoking in Chile
UPI Español UPI Español, Jun 28, 2013
World Atlas Launch Snuff explaining cigar impact on health
El Mercurio El Mercurio, Jun 27, 2013
Chile Highlights the progress in the fight against smoking
Terra Terra, Jun 27, 2013
World Atlas Launch Snuff explaining impact that smoking has on health
Tendencias Tendencias, Jun 27, 2013
Global Study: Chile among the countries with the cheapest cigarettes
Pontificia Universidad Católica De Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica De Chile, Jun 27, 2013
At UC launched the Spanish version of the World Atlas Snuff
Daily News Daily News, Jun 23, 2013
Women’s death during pregnancy can be tamed
Business & Integration Business & Integration, Jun 23, 2013
The youth takes actions to support the smokefree law
People's Representative People's Representative, Jun 22, 2013
Nearly 3,000 people registering to support the implementation of the smokefree law
Communist Party of Vietnam E-Newspaper Communist Party of Vietnam E-Newspaper, Jun 21, 2013
Nearly 3,000 people registering to support the implementation of the smokefree law
On Islam On Islam, Jun 18, 2013
The Chosen Killer !
Daily News Online Daily News Online, Jun 16, 2013
Medical feat as Ifakara centre records zero maternal deaths
Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt, Jun 13, 2013
“Smoking Kills,” is the main message of the Tobacco Atlas
The Daily Star The Daily Star, Jun 13, 2013
Smoking kills: Tobacco, Atlas published in Arabic
Al Akhbar Daily Al Akhbar Daily, Jun 13, 2013
Pet animals are affected by negative smoking
Alalam Alyoum Alalam Alyoum, Jun 13, 2013
One million smokers of E-Cigarette
CBC News Health CBC News Health, May 31, 2013
Smoking rates in Canada: How the provinces measure up
Daily News Online Daily News Online, May 19, 2013
Need to improve Kasulu maternity wards
Daily News Online Daily News Online, May 19, 2013
World Lung Foundation offers worthy service in maternal health
Focus Taiwan Focus Taiwan, May 9, 2013
Cabinet approves proposed hikes in tobacco tax, surcharge
Tanzania Daily News Tanzania Daily News, May 5, 2013
Telemedicine Set to Improve Health Service in Unreachable Rural Areas
The Lancet The Lancet, May 4, 2013
Profile: Judith MacKay: self-made scourge of the tobacco industry
Thanh Nien News Thanh Nien News, May 3, 2013
Can the horror show spook smokers?
Sabahi Sabahi, Apr 28, 2013
De-centralised patient care saves lives in Tanzania
DailyNews DailyNews, Apr 27, 2013
Project helps reduce maternal deaths in rural areas
Queens Gazette Queens Gazette, Apr 24, 2013
Quinn, Health Commissioner Farley, Councilmembers, Announce City To Raise Minimum Smoking Age From 18 To 21
Hindustan Times Hindustan Times, Apr 18, 2013
‘Without curbing creativity, films should highlight tobacco menace’
Le Soleil Online Le Soleil Online, Apr 3, 2013
Fight against tobacco: An investigation will be launched to determine the number of smokers in Senegal
SeneNews SeneNews, Apr 3, 2013
Launch of "sponge" first public campaign Tobacco, Apr 2, 2013
Anti-smoking law: Abdoul Aziz Kasse demand accelerated procedure
Voice of America Voice of America, Apr 2, 2013
Senegal Sounds Warnings about Smoking
BMJ (blog) BMJ (blog), Apr 2, 2013
The Economist The Economist, Mar 30, 2013
Smoking in Latin America: Stubbed out
Tobacco Reporter Tobacco Reporter, Mar 27, 2013
Anti-smoking propaganda campaign kicked off in the Philippines
Asian Scientist Asian Scientist, Mar 26, 2013
Philippine ‘Sponge’ Campaign Warns Smokers About Tar In Cigarettes
Financial Times Financial Times, Mar 21, 2013
Institutional complacency raises threat
Financial Times Financial Times, Mar 21, 2013
Smoking poses TB risk to young
Financial Times Financial Times, Mar 21, 2013
Austerity poses risk to funding for battle ahead
The Daily Star (Lebanon) The Daily Star (Lebanon), Mar 9, 2013
Anti-smoking funds not at risk, ministry official says
The Voice of Russia The Voice of Russia, Feb 25, 2013
Putin signs Russia’s anti-tobacco law
The New York Times The New York Times, Feb 25, 2013
Japan to Sell $10 Billion Stake in Cigarette Firm
Voice of America Voice of America, Feb 25, 2013
U.S. and Russia - a united front against smoking
Bloomberg Bloomberg, Feb 5, 2013
Buying ‘Double Happiness’ Reveals China’s Tobacco Battle
The Voice of Russia The Voice of Russia, Feb 2, 2013
Russia set to ban smoking in public places
Daily News Online Edition Daily News Online Edition, Jan 18, 2013
Maternal health project benefits three regions
Africa Science News Africa Science News, Jan 15, 2013
Lung Foundation says FDA approval of new tuberculosis drug is only one step
Daily News.TZ Daily News.TZ, Jan 12, 2013
Clinical assessment vital for curbing nation's mother and chile mortality
BBC Radio BBC Radio, Dec 15, 2012
'To change marriage is a mistake' (starts at 10:58)
UN Dispatch UN Dispatch, Dec 6, 2012
From the mHealth Summit: The Medium or the Message?
Hindustan Times Hindustan Times, Dec 4, 2012
In favour of banning hookah bars: Govt tells HC
The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal, Nov 23, 2012
How Fight to Tame TB Made It Stronger
Plymouth: Wicked Local Plymouth: Wicked Local, Nov 14, 2012
To Your Health: Great American Smokeout
The Cumming Patch The Cumming Patch, Nov 14, 2012
The Great American Smokeout Thursday
Dr Dr, Nov 14, 2012
Great American Smokeout urges smokers to quit
Bangor Daily News Bangor Daily News, Nov 12, 2012
Great American Smokeout urges smokers to quit
Wicked Local Wicked Local, Nov 7, 2012
Great American Smokeout Nov. 15
Wall Street 24/7 Wall Street 24/7, Nov 1, 2012
The 10 Countries Where People Smoke Most, Oct 22, 2012
Serbia and Russia - most smokers of the world
El Tiempo El Tiempo, Oct 22, 2012
Editorial: Who put the bell on the cigarette?
BioTOP BioTOP, Oct 22, 2012
Tobacco China Tobacco China, Oct 22, 2012
Eastern Europe, Russia: Who Smokes Most: A Surprising Map of Smoking Rates by Country
Deutsche Welle (Video) Deutsche Welle (Video), Oct 22, 2012
Smoking Feud - Is Tobacco Industry Using Dirty Tricks?
Uni Online Uni Online, Oct 22, 2012
Press Conference, World Health Summit, Day 2
Schattenblick Schattenblick, Oct 22, 2012
Existing concepts for Global Health near collapse
La Nación La Nación, Oct 21, 2012
Smoked killed 50 million in 10 years
Economic Times Economic Times, Oct 20, 2012
Why West Delhi's hookah dreams are going up in smoke, Oct 20, 2012
Serb leaders in convincing smoking. See how Croats are
B92 B92, Oct 20, 2012
Serbs - world record holder in smoking
The Washington Post The Washington Post, Oct 19, 2012
Who Smokes Most: A surprising map of smoking rates by country, Oct 18, 2012
Talc launches modern ward
Jeune Afrique Jeune Afrique, Oct 18, 2012
The African continent smoky
El Siglo El Siglo, Oct 18, 2012
In 10 years, 50 million deaths from smoking
El Litoral El Litoral, Oct 18, 2012
Millions of deaths by snuff
IMNG Medical Media IMNG Medical Media, Oct 17, 2012
IM, Oct 16, 2012
More than 50 million died in the last decade by snuff consumption
opiniò opiniò, Oct 16, 2012
Smoking killed 50 million people in 10 years
Talk Radio News Service Talk Radio News Service, Oct 16, 2012
Smoking and health
Inter Press Service Inter Press Service, Oct 15, 2012
Developing World Has 80 Percent of Tobacco-Related Deaths, Oct 15, 2012
Smoking killed 50 million people in 10 years
La Tercera La Tercera, Oct 15, 2012
Snuff has killed 50 million people in the last decade worldwide, Oct 12, 2012
Lawyers, doctors dub Recto the "anti-health senator"
BaireSalud BaireSalud, Oct 11, 2012
Argentina, first in the ranking Latino smokers
Article Motron Article Motron, Oct 7, 2012
Australia paperback cigarette act storm
Daily News TZ Daily News TZ, Oct 6, 2012
Bloomberg to support maternal health plan
IPP Media IPP Media, Oct 5, 2012
Tanzania`s maternal mortality rate down by 47percent-WHO, Oct 4, 2012
Tobacco burden expected to escalate in Africa
First Post First Post, Oct 3, 2012
Cigarette Vs gutkha: The ugly fight is out in the open
American Cancer Society American Cancer Society, Oct 1, 2012
Millions of Lives at Stake as Tobacco Burden is Expected to Escalate in Africa
American Cancer Society American Cancer Society, Oct 1, 2012
Fox News Fox News, Sep 25, 2012
At Two-Year Anniversary, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Details Progress in Enabling Market to Save and Transform Millions of Lives
Daily News & Analysis Daily News & Analysis, Aug 31, 2012
Delhi HC seeks reply from civic bodies on PIL against hookah bars
The Hindu The Hindu, Aug 30, 2012
‘Illegal hookah bars at restaurants will be raided’
The Times of India The Times of India, Aug 30, 2012
Ready to crack down on hookah bars, police tell HC
Zee News Zee News, Aug 30, 2012
Raids to be conducted against 'hookah' bars: Police tells HC
Hindustan Times Hindustan Times, Aug 29, 2012
Kick that butt, ladies
The Pioneer The Pioneer, Aug 29, 2012
Delhi cracks whip on its hookah bars
Hindustan Times Hindustan Times, Aug 29, 2012
Now, raid on eateries serving hookahs
Deccan Herald Deccan Herald, Aug 29, 2012
Hookah bars will face raids, cops tell court
Foreign Policy Foreign Policy, Aug 23, 2012
Where the Marlboro man is still king, Aug 20, 2012
Enormity of global tobacco use revealed
Health.India Health.India, Aug 18, 2012
Tobacco likely to kill 8 million people by 2030
The Journal The Journal, Aug 17, 2012
‘Alarming’ results show women starting to smoke younger – research
Rappler Rappler, Aug 17, 2012
Look, mate, scary cigarette packs!
NBC News NBC News, Aug 17, 2012
Global smoking pattern is 'alarming', says study
Daily News & Analysis Daily News & Analysis, Aug 17, 2012
'Alarming' smoking habits found in poorer countries
Reuters Reuters, Aug 16, 2012
"Alarming" smoking habits found in poorer countries
CNBC CNBC, Aug 15, 2012
Australian court approves tobacco pack logo ban
Bloomberg Bloomberg, Aug 15, 2012
Australia’s Top Court Backs Plain-Pack Tobacco Laws
First Post First Post, Aug 15, 2012
Australian court approves tobacco pack logo ban
The Pioneer The Pioneer, Aug 2, 2012
HC notice to Govt on illegal Hookah bars
Delhi HC issues notice against illegal hookah bars Delhi HC issues notice against illegal hookah bars, Aug 2, 2012
Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 1, 2012
Cigarette plain-packaging finds favour in New York
Daily News & Analysis Daily News & Analysis, Aug 1, 2012
Delhi HC seeks reply from civic bodies on PIL against hookah bars
The Pioneer The Pioneer, Aug 1, 2012
Tobacco free campus
IBN Live IBN Live, Aug 1, 2012
Public smoking: HC issues notices to Delhi govt, MCD, NDMC
News Track India News Track India, Aug 1, 2012
Civic agencies get court notice on illegal hookah bars
Money Web Money Web, Jul 16, 2012
Smoking up a storm
PR Newswire PR Newswire, Jul 11, 2012
Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces New Collaboration on Groundbreaking Global Family Planning Initiative
Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp, Jun 26, 2012
Filipinos Among World’s Top Smokers – Survey, Jun 26, 2012
PH among top 20 'smoking' nations, Jun 12, 2012
Consider making police stations tobacco-free: Delhi High Court
Hindustan Times Hindustan Times, Jun 10, 2012
The ‘school’ of fun in North Campus
Philippine Information Agency Philippine Information Agency, Jun 9, 2012
Nueva Vizcaya launches sponge campaign vs. smoking
The Standard The Standard, Jun 8, 2012
Hopes of Leung tobacco war grow
Philippine Information Agency Philippine Information Agency, Jun 7, 2012
Biliran health office launches new anti-smoking campaign
Express India Express India, Jun 7, 2012
Set example, make police stations across Delhi tobacco-free: High Court to Police Commissioner
The Standard The Standard, Jun 1, 2012
Doc tipped for health job keen to stub out smokes
AlertNet AlertNet, Jun 1, 2012
A man squats as he smokes a cigarette in front of his home in central Beijing
The Standard The Standard, May 31, 2012
Anti-smoking groups push Leung on plain packets
The Jakarta Post The Jakarta Post, May 31, 2012
Anti-smoking campaign working well: City
Huffington Post Huffington Post, May 31, 2012
World No Tobacco Day: What Are The Smoking Rates In Your State?
VIA Media VIA Media, May 29, 2012
World Lung Foundation’s “Separation”
Financial Times Financial Times, May 16, 2012
Tobacco companies versus the plain truth
Doan Thanh Nien, May 14, 2012
Tuổi trẻ Việt Nam hãy nói không với thuốc lá
Khaleej Times Khaleej Times, May 3, 2012
Tobacco war goes to Sharjah supermarkets
IPP Media IPP Media, Apr 25, 2012
Liberalise drug distribution, govt told
South China Morning Post South China Morning Post, Apr 24, 2012
Heartened by recent successes, the government is stepping up efforts to encourage smokers to kick the habit
The Nation The Nation, Apr 13, 2012
‘Two per cent of men’s deaths in Nigeria caused by tobacco’
Executive Magazine Executive Magazine, Apr 11, 2012
New study reveals the positives of tobacco taxation in the face of smuggling
Business Wire India Business Wire India, Apr 10, 2012
India’s Anti-Tobacco Crusaders make Impact on Global Fight for Smoke-Free Lives
Jakarta Globe Jakarta Globe, Apr 6, 2012
Despite All the Dangers, Indonesians Keep on Puffing
The Statesman The Statesman, Apr 5, 2012
Secondhand Smoke: Number of deaths due to passive smoking is on the rise
News Review News Review, Apr 5, 2012
A very deadly habit: Tobacco use projected to kill a billion people by end of century
IBN Live - India IBN Live - India, Apr 3, 2012
Highest number of cancer deaths among India's youth
The Star The Star, Apr 1, 2012
New report details Tobacco deaths in Kenya
The Times of India The Times of India, Mar 29, 2012
World Tobacco Atlas rings alarm bells for India
The Hindu The Hindu, Mar 26, 2012
Leave the kids alone!
Al Arabiya News Al Arabiya News, Mar 24, 2012
From Today’s Zaman: Turkey tops tobacco-related male deaths with 37.6 percent
The Guardian The Guardian, Mar 22, 2012
Michael Bloomberg makes $220m pledge to stub out global smoking habit
The Boston Globe The Boston Globe, Mar 22, 2012
Tobacco use is top cause of death in China
Reuters Reuters, Mar 22, 2012
Bloomberg charity adds $220 million to anti-smoking effort
News 24 News 24, Mar 22, 2012
Smoking deaths triple - tobacco report
CNBC CNBC, Mar 22, 2012
Bloomberg charity boosts global anti-smoking effort
The Chicago Tribune The Chicago Tribune, Mar 22, 2012
Bloomberg charity adds $220 million to anti-smoking effort
The Santiago Times The Santiago Times, Mar 22, 2012
Chile has the highest percentage of teenage smokers
The Singapore Straits Times The Singapore Straits Times, Mar 22, 2012
Have more hard-hitting anti-smoking drives: Expert
Reuters Reuters, Mar 21, 2012
Smoking deaths triple over decade: tobacco report
Channel News Asia Channel News Asia, Mar 21, 2012
Almost 6 million people died from tobacco use in 2011
Fox News Fox News, Mar 21, 2012
Report: Smoking deaths triple over decade
BD News BD News, Mar 21, 2012
Tobacco kills '1 in 6 secs'
Bloomberg Businessweek Bloomberg Businessweek, Mar 21, 2012
Tobacco Use Killed 6 Million in 2011, Cancer Society Says
ABC News ABC News, Mar 21, 2012
Tobacco-related deaths triple in a decade
US News and World Report US News and World Report, Mar 21, 2012
Health Buzz: Smoking Deaths Tripled Over Last Decade
The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal, Mar 21, 2012
Bloomberg Takes On Smoking Overseas
The Guardian The Guardian, Mar 21, 2012
Global profits for tobacco trade total $35bn as smoking deaths top 6 million
The Washington Post The Washington Post, Mar 20, 2012
WHO’s Chan urges China to bolster tobacco controls in country with most smokers in the world
The Hindu The Hindu, Mar 20, 2012
Say no to second-hand smoke
YHIAH YHIAH, Mar 5, 2012
Януковичу передали ручку - підписати закон про заборону реклами сигарет
Modern Medicare, Feb 22, 2012
New Campaign on deadly effects of second-hand smoking on children launched
Forbes Forbes, Feb 21, 2012
Designing A Safer Cigarette
El Helarado de Tabasco El Helarado de Tabasco, Feb 11, 2012
"Dejar de fumar vale la pena"
The Hindu The Hindu, Feb 8, 2012
Killing the killer
Huffington Post Huffington Post, Feb 7, 2012
Hard Hitting Messages That Work: NYC's Public Health Education Campaign
The Hindu The Hindu, Feb 6, 2012
Fear ads work well
WNYC WNYC, Jan 13, 2012
Please Explain: Tuberculosis
Philippine Information Agency Philippine Information Agency, Jan 2, 2012
Smoking ban gains positive public acceptance in Nueva Vizcaya
The News Today, Dec 21, 2011
Smokers tried to quit during campaign: Survey
Channel 6 News, Nov 28, 2011
Indonesian resort island of Bali bans smoking in all public places
The Times of India The Times of India, Nov 24, 2011
Court orders crackdown on DU ‘smoking hubs’
Hindustan Times Hindustan Times, Nov 24, 2011
HC orders crackdown on DU smoking dens
Thanh Nien Daily Thanh Nien Daily, Oct 14, 2011
Smoking guns
PBS News Hour PBS News Hour, Oct 13, 2011
2 Million Deaths a Year Attributed to Pollution from Indoor Cookstove Fires
Tobacco Control Tobacco Control, Oct 12, 2011
Smokers' responses to television advertisements about the serious harms of tobacco use: pre-testing results from 10 low- to middle-income countries
CNN CNN, Sep 29, 2011
China's Smoking Habit
South China Morning Post South China Morning Post, Sep 25, 2011
HK on track to becoming first smoke-free city
WBEZ WBEZ, Sep 20, 2011
In high-level meeting, U.N. tackles growing threat of non-communicable diseases
Bloomberg Businessweek Bloomberg Businessweek, Sep 19, 2011
Cigarette Prices Should Rise 75%, Japan Health Minister Says
Bloomberg Businessweek Bloomberg Businessweek, Sep 16, 2011
Nestle, Glaxo Lobby UN Over ‘Epidemic’ Battle
PBS News Hour PBS News Hour, Sep 16, 2011
Non-Communicable Disease Primer: Where Does the World Stand?
The Lancet The Lancet, Sep 12, 2011
Smoking in Russia: will old habits die hard?
Reuters Reuters, Sep 9, 2011
Analysis: Prognosis poor for U.N. chronic disease meeting
iwatch news iwatch news, Sep 9, 2011
World Public health suffers as Indonesia ignores calls for tobacco reform
China Daily China Daily, Sep 7, 2011
Dr Judith Mackay: Stubbing it out
China Daily China Daily, Sep 7, 2011
Smoking's last gasp saloon
The National The National, Sep 4, 2011
Butt out: India's government aims to extinguish bidi habit
The Hindu The Hindu, Sep 1, 2011
Battle against bidi
Yahoo News Philippines Yahoo News Philippines, Aug 23, 2011
DoH chief backs metro-wide smoking ban
BBC World Service BBC World Service, Aug 17, 2011
Health Check
The Financial Times The Financial Times, Aug 17, 2011
Efforts to tackle diseases under threat
WBEZ WBEZ, Aug 9, 2011
Smoking on the rise globally: Cigarettes are one of the top causes of preventable deaths worldwide
MSN Arabia MSN Arabia, Aug 8, 2011
Stop The Heartbreak, Stop Smoking
The Times of India The Times of India, Aug 2, 2011
Mass media drive against smoking
CNN-IBN Live CNN-IBN Live, Aug 1, 2011
Govt starts campaign against beedi smoking
Citizen News Service Citizen News Service, Jul 29, 2011
Stop The Heartbreak, Stop Smoking
Deccan Herald Deccan Herald, Jul 28, 2011
Govt to launch first mass media campaign on bidi smoking
News Online, Jul 28, 2011
Goverment kicks off campaign against bidis
Scotttrade Scotttrade, Jul 28, 2011
Govt to launch first mass media campaign on bidi smoking
The Pioneer The Pioneer, Jul 28, 2011
Govt to intensify anti-bidi smoking drive
News4u News4u, Jul 21, 2011
HC to Delhi police chief:Implement law on tobacco sale
Hindustan Times Hindustan Times, Jul 18, 2011
Determined to be 100% smoke free, Delhi University plans to ensure that freshers don't get any chance to light up
Asian Tribune Asian Tribune, Jul 16, 2011
2011 WHO Global Tobacco Epidemic Report: Warns About Dangers Of Tobacco Use
Citizen News Service Citizen News Service, Jul 13, 2011
2011 WHO Global Tobacco Epidemic Report: Warns About Dangers Of Tobacco Use
Uruguay al Dia Uruguay al Dia, Jul 11, 2011
Publicidad puede cambiar comportamiento ante el tabaco
Times Live Times Live, Jul 10, 2011
Shock ads for smokers
The Moscow News The Moscow News, Jul 8, 2011
How targetted marketing can end Russia's tobacco burden
The Lancet The Lancet, Jul 8, 2011
Global anti-smoking campaigns urgently needed
The Standard The Standard, Jul 8, 2011
Plain punch call in smokes fight
Reuters Reuters, Jul 7, 2011
WHO wants more graphic warnings to cut smoking rates
The Guardian The Guardian, Jul 3, 2011
Grappling with challenges of maternal health
Manila Standard Today Manila Standard Today, Jun 30, 2011
Doctors beef up metro enforcers in smoking ban
Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Morning Herald, Jun 29, 2011
Alcohol industry upset over link in plain packaging ads
The Age The Age, Jun 28, 2011
Tobacco loses ally over ads
Reuters Reuters, Jun 20, 2011
Smoking could kill 8 million a year by 2030: WHO
Tobacco Control Tobacco Control, Jun 18, 2011
Mass media campaigns within reach: effective efforts with limited resources in Russia's capital city
Yahoo News Philippines Yahoo News Philippines, Jun 15, 2011
Doctors back metro-wide smoking ban
All Africa All Africa, Jun 14, 2011
Tanzania: Revise Drugs Supply System, Body Proposes
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