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Center for Health Development–Metro Manila

Year(s) :  2008, 2009
Grant Recipient Type :  Government
Budget :  $300,000
Contact Name :  Jorge Alday, WLF
Grantor :  World Lung Foundation (WLF)
Project goal :  To make significant headway in advocacy efforts with local governments in Metro Manila to harmonize existing smoke-free ordinances.
Direct Grant :  Yes

Say No To Secondhand Smoke 

This project supports MPOWER letter goal(s): P, W

Key achievement to date:The campaign, “Say No To Secondhand Smoke” was the first major tobacco control campaign conducted by the Department of Health. The campaign, which was tested rigorously among focus groups in the Philippines, portrayed a mother and two children in a restaurant who inhale the smoke from their smoking father. The campaign aimed to inform Filipinos about the serious impact tobacco has on those who are exposed to passive smoke in public places, including family members. It was adapted from an ad originally developed and aired in Hong Kong.

The campaign supported a project by CHD-MM and Department of Health to make Metro-Manila 100% smoke-free.

Major accomplishments to date:

  • A household survey revealed that more than half of people in Metro Manila inhale SHS every day and 74% are exposed one or more times per week. This information has been used in numerous advocacy efforts to generate public support for smoke-free policies.
  • The “Say No To Secondhand Smoke” campaign achieved 65% prompted recall across Metro Manila.
  • Among those who saw the ad, more than 40% said it encouraged them to quit smoking.
  • Among those who saw the ad, more than 40% said it encouraged them to quit smoking.
  • 61% of those who saw the ad said it improved their familiarity and understanding of secondhand smoke.

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