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Turkish National Committee on Smoking and Health represented by Turkish Thoracic Society

Year(s) :  2008, 2009, 2010
Grant Recipient Type :  Government
Budget :  $480,952
Contact Name :  Sylviane Ratte, The Union
Grantor :  International Union Against Tobacco and Lung Disease (The Union)/WLF
Project goal :  To protect the tobacco control legislation from tobacco industry attacks and attempts at weakening or delaying its implementation by countering misleading information and attacks on the TC legislation, anticipating legal challenges, training opinion leaders, educating and increasing awareness among local administrators, the media, and the general public for the enforcement and implementation of the law.
Direct Grant :  No

The Union

Key achievement to date: Channels for information gathering and dissemination established.

Objective : This grant supports MPOWER letter goals including P and W, to Protect people from tobacco smoke, and to Warn about the dangers of tobacco.

Major accomplishments to date:

  • News bulletin developed and disseminated among the main coalition partners.
  • Weekly report in English produced for international partners depicting analysis of media monitoring and responses to attacks on the legislation in the media.
  • Initiated work on channelizing and analyzing complaints on ad bans and smoking bans for potential legal action, and organizing legal defense.
  • Undertaking daily analysis of press coverage allowing immediate responses to opposition/attacks on smoke-free or other parts of the legislation through network of the coalition.
  • Meetings with key media /columnist opposed to SF legislation started.
  • Meetings with Ministry of Justice representatives to clarify potential risk and investigate which legal challenges the Tobacco Industry could use against SF or other parts of TC.


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