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National Center for Tuberculosis Control and Prevention, China CDC

Year(s) :  2007, 2008, 2009
Grant Recipient Type :  Government
Budget :  $448,588
Grantor :  International Union Against Tobacco and Lung Disease (The Union)/WLF
Project goal :  To improve the health of TB patients and their families in Hunan province by establishing smoke-free TB centers, and promote smoke-free families. The project is being implemented in seven prefectures (Changsha, Changde, Chenzhou, Shaoyang, Xiangtan, Yueyang, and Yiyang).
Direct Grant :  No

The Union

Key achievement to date: All 75 TB centers in seven prefectures in Hunan are now 100 percent smoke-free.

Objective: This grant supports MPOWER letter goals P and W, to Protect people from tobacco smoke, and to Warn about the dangers of tobacco.

Major accomplishments to date:

  • 100 percent of the TB centers are now smoke-free.
  • Smoke-free policies have been implemented in all 75 TB centers in either the buildings or the buildings and grounds.
  • A cessation pamphlet, a tobacco control leaflet and booklet have been developed.
  • 2,439 smoke-free signs and 21,004 tobacco control leaflets have been distributed to TB centers.
  • Smoke-free TB centre and family promotion activities were conducted in each prefecture on World No Tobacco Day 2008 and World TB Day 2009 (distributed 4,500 booklets, 11,000 publicity brochures, 6,400 posters and gained media attention).
  • Commitment to include tobacco control in local health policy and the management of TB control signed by Provincial Health Dept and prefecture health bureau leaders.
  • Prefecture health bureaus signed similar contracts with county health bureaus, thereby ultimately ensuring implementation and enforcement of the policy at all levels.
  • Tobacco control training given to more than 200 participants including Hunan provincial project team, prefecture project leaders and staff, leaders of TB dispensaries, health education experts, and leaders of 75 county centers for disease control and prevention.
  • Tobacco and TB Coalition established, and TB and Tobacco Control groups created in each city.
  • One hundred percent of patients are now asked if they smoke.
  • 11,639 village doctors have been trained in giving brief advice and cessation support.
  • Notes on patients and their family members are taken by doctors during registration and follow up.
  • There are currently 1,235 TB staff, 791 are non-smokers, 443 smoke, and 119 have quit smoking since the beginning of the project.
  • 2,862 patients registered with the TB centers by the end of September 2008, 1,107 were smokers, 585 had quit smoking.
  • 3,581 new families with a TB patient have registered with the TB centers, no new families have been specifically smoke-free even if there were smokers in the homes, visitors were allowed to smoke.
  • 847 families have so far declared their homes smoke-free.
  • 16,235 new patients are aware of the harm caused by smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • 3,344 new patients are not aware of the harm caused by smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • 9,432 new patients were smokers.
  • 2,762 patients had quit smoking by the end of their TB treatment.
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