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Beijing Municipal Health Bureau

Year(s) :  2007, 2008, 2009
Grant Recipient Type :  Government
Budget :  $479,056
Contact Name :  Anne Jones, The Union
Grantor :  International Union Against Tobacco and Lung Disease (The Union)/WLF
Project goal :  To mobilize support for tobacco-free environments and to increase public awareness of tobacco harms.
Direct Grant :  No

The Union

Key achievement to date: Public service announcements (PSAs) finalized and broadcasted.

Objective 1: This grant supports EMPOWER letter goals P and W, to Protect people from tobacco smoke and, to Warn about the dangers of tobacco.

Major accomplishments to date:

  • Relationships developed with tourism and hospitality groups and sports clubs to create broad buy-in for the tobacco-free policy.
  • Six public service announcements (PSAs) were finalized after focus testing a larger set of concepts on the dangers of active smoking and Secondhand smoke for broadcasting on Beijing Mobile Television and Beijing Television.
  • The first set of two PSAs, "Startling Facts" and "Second Hand Smoke," designed and broadcasted 600 times per day on mobile videos in public buses and subways starting in January 2008, and 100 times per month on television starting in February 2008.
  • The second set of PSAs, "International Chapter" and "Hand to Hand," on smoking prohibition in public areas broadcasted starting in July 2008.
  • The final set of two PSAs, "Sponge" and "Cessation Clinic," finalized and broadcasted from December through February 2009.
  • Intercept surveys of 400 people undertaken. Final evaluation completed.
  • Supportive advertisements produced by the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau office to promote the smoke-free message.
  • Web-based educational resources were made available on popular websites including
  • Two summary meetings held: In June 2008 for representatives from the Organization Committee of the Olympic Games and in August 2008 for Taskforce members of the three Olympic projects.
  • The intercept survey indicates increased public awareness. Comprehensive project evaluation will be available after completion of the broadcasting schedule.
  • Smoke-free resources were developed for policy and decision makers including government members involved in drafting smoke-free legislation for approval by the Beijing Government and the Peoples' Congress for implementation in 2010.
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