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Tianjin Centers for Disease Control

Year(s) :  2010
Grant Recipient Type :  Government
Grantor :  World Lung Foundation (WLF)
Direct Grant :  No

This project supports MPOWER letter goal W, P

Key achievement to date: Development, implementation and evaluation of a tobacco control mass media campaign, designed to increase public awareness of the harms of secondhand smoke exposure and to increase public support for smoke-free policies in Tianjin.

Major accomplishments to date:

  • A four-week campaign featuring New York City’s “Cigarettes Are Eating Your Baby Alive" PSA launched in September 2010.
  • The campaign aired on several media channels including district TV, city buses, in hospitals and office buildings, and on outdoor electronic billboards in high pedestrian areas. Static billboards in bus and subway stations and community posters also supported campaign efforts.
  • Post‐campaign evaluation findings indicated that respondents who had been exposed to the campaign showed a notable increase in knowledge of health harms specific to the messages communicated in the campaign, as well as increased public support for smoke-free policies.
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