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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Year(s) :  2010
Grant Recipient Type :  Government
Grantor :  World Lung Foundation (WLF)
Direct Grant :  No

This project supports MPOWER letter goal(s): W

Key achievement to date: The Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, assisted by WLF, ran a smoke-free campaign focusing public attention on new, stricter, smoke-free laws by generating awareness of the damaging health effects of smoking. "Child" PSA focuses on the latter, warning of the dangers of tobacco. "Child" attempts to educate smokers and their families about the risks of both active and passive smoking.

"Dhuaan" (Smoke) focuses on the health effects of smoking, and seeks to raise awareness of new smoke-free legislation and enforcement. The "Dhuaan" PSA models the behavior expected of business managers, advocates, enforcement officials, smokers and non-smokers. This ad prepares the public and businesses with details of the upcoming smoke-free law and encourages compliance.

Major accomplishments to date:

  • The campaign aired on 20 national TV stations and 45 radio channels across India.
  • SMS and internet components supplemented the TV and radio campaign.
  • Outdoor billboard from the “Mukesh” TV campaign were placed strategically to keep the health message top-of-mind, as well as near the Supreme Court in Delhi, on the eve of a court hearing which may potentially ban the product.
  • Campaign materials were used for appeal card to 800 Ministers of Parliament to sensitize them about smokeless tobacco and seek their support to fight chewing tobacco.

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